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Categories and forums
Before starting, it is important to know the differences between the various available types.
Category: The container where the forum is placed. Every forum must be in a certain descriptive category.
Discussion: A forum established for classic topics.
Questions: A question-and-answer forum where users can vote for/reject answers to these questions.

Gallery category
If you visit the gallery feature, you will see a list of current gallery categories. You can select a gallery category to view albums or post pictures.

Download part
The download area will display the category, we need to select the download category here, and then select the download content or upload the file.

Create a blog
Users can set up one or more blogs to add entries to them. For example, someone might have a blog for the sports team of their choice, another blog for their training in that sport, and another blog for their physical exercise. Then, each of these items can periodically contain items related to those items. Members only need to select the "Create Blog" button to create a blog. They will then be asked to choose the category, name, description, and whether they want people to be able to use the RSS feed reader in your blog. Add entry: After creating a new blog, you can use the button provided in the upper right corner of the blog to add entries to it. When creating a new entry, you can select a featured photo of the entry, conduct a poll, and even link the blog entry to an album in the gallery .

Blog type
There are several different ways to create a blog, and depending on its purpose, several different types of blogs can be considered.
Basic Blog: Using the "Create Blog" button on the blog page, you can easily create a blog from the front end. After selecting this option, you will notice that you can create a blog that everyone can view, or you can selectively create a blog that can only be viewed by certain people. For example, if you only have a blog for employees to view, this may be convenient. Input and import from feed: After you create a blog, you can add entries to the blog, but another important thing to note is that you can also automatically create blog entries from the rss feed if you want. To do this, you need to enter the blog, select the management block, and then select "Atom/RSS Import".

Your first calendar
Creating a calendar event is a very simple process, but it is also very versatile. You can create a new calendar entry by selecting the "Create Event" button.

Preview post content
Sometimes, the nature of the subject and response may become very large. They may contain BBCode and other elements that were not visible in the editor at the time of writing. In addition, you may want to see how the topic/post/other looks on your phone or tablet. To this end, we have introduced a post preview button to the editor, which allows you to preview posts quickly and easily. This will allow me to see how it looks on desktop, mobile and tablet views. Give me an easy way to see how they look on each object. You can use the x in the corner to close the window and return to the editor.

Use the club
Club type, members can create 5 different types of clubs. These are as follows:
1. Public-everyone can see these clubs and their posts. Members do not need to join to join the club.
2. Open-everyone can see these clubs and their posts, but you must join the club to participate. Anyone can join.
3. Closed-everyone can see the club, and can see who is in the club, but only members of the club can participate. Users need to ask the person in charge of the club to join.
4. The private-Thee club can only be seen by members of the club. The user needs to be invited by the person in charge of the club.
5. Read-only-these are read-only clubs and can only be added by the person in charge of the club. Members cannot add content.

Build a club
Members can use the provided "Start Club" button to create a new club on the front end from the club page (depending on permissions). They only need to fill in the required details on the page and save to initially create the club itself.
Create a public club, provide it with an icon, which will be displayed on the club itself, and also select a location. The location is optional, and a map of the club's location (if available) will be displayed.

Business function
Members can order physical and digital products. Whether it is subscribing to digital products or ordering physical products. This may be a useful way to generate income in the community.

Search your community
In addition to the standard search function of the site, there will often be content that you want to be able to search continuously without having to create advanced searches for content items. For example, "unread content" or "content I have started." For this, we have activity streams. These functions enable you to set up the content list according to the conditions you define. The search function within the community allows members to use words and other known conditions to find the specific content they are looking for on the site. You can easily search by typing in the column at the top right of the website. When you select this box, you will see some options appear that allow you to change the standard used. Selecting the search icon (magnifying glass) without entering search criteria will take you to the advanced search screen, so you can choose to search by other criteria (for example, search by author, search by tag) and many other criteria (including custom fields that have been set) Perform filtering in your application.

Notifications are a great way to notify you when an event occurs in the community. This may be due to the fact that the membership was cited, someone mentioned them in the post, someone commented on the photo, etc.

RSS subscription
RSS feeds are a way for people to use news readers to subscribe to your website. These features make it easy for online RSS readers to advertise the content on the website and involve users who use the reader to provide them with news and information from various sites. In each section of the forum, you will see an RSS feed link at the bottom left. This provides an RSS feed link to the content in the area, which readers can then use.

Edit your profile
Personal data can form an important part of the community. Each member of the website has a one that can be viewed by other members (should get their permission), and can customize it according to their own preferences. Member content and other important information related to members can be found in this area. To enter your profile, you can select your name at the top of the page, and then select "Profile". After entering your profile, you will see activities similar to those being displayed, if you have gallery photo albums, blogs, etc., You will also see these tabs, each with its own photo album, blog, etc. To edit your profile information, please select the "Edit Profile" button in the upper right corner. Once clicked, the "Edit Profile" screen will be displayed. From here, you will be able to edit your birthday, enable and disable status updates on your profile, and change the "About Me" information. On the forum, you can change your cover photo (limited by permissions) by selecting the "Cover Photo" option in the upper right corner. Change your profile photo: The profile photo is displayed on your profile and as an "avatar" in posts and other community content throughout the website. You can add photos by uploading or from another URL on the Internet, and then adjust the size and position as needed.

View content
In any member's profile, you can view all activities of that member by selecting the "View My Activities" button at the top right of the profile. This will then provide you with a filterable list of content posted by that member on the community. Personal data privacy: You can choose not to display your recent personal data on the page by clicking the link provided for the position in the "Recent Profile Visitors" area on the left side of your personal data to prohibit other users from showing the block Visitors. You can also choose to disable the ability for users to track you.

Manage the content of interest
All the content that the forum can follow, the important thing is that you can easily manage it in one place. You can manage your following content by selecting your name in the upper right corner, and then selecting "Manage Following Content". When you click this option, you can use the menu on the left side of the page to filter different types of content. To change the tracking method (or delete it altogether), you can select the "Change Preferences" button provided next to a given item. This will then give you various options that you can change. In addition to this method, you can also perform this operation on multiple projects at once. To do this, select the check box next to each item you want to change. When you click one or more of these check boxes, a menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you can change the options as needed.

Post color highlighting
Usually, when you read topics, comments, or other posts, you will see responses from team members. Although the forum has allowed groups to set custom images and member titles, these replies may get lost in the hustle and bustle. In the forum, you can turn on the highlighting of posts for each member group. This ensures that the response stands out from the rest. Of course, this feature is everywhere. From calendar comments to article replies.