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CIMPLICITY configuration software

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CIMPLICITY configuration software is a product of General Electric Digital Corporation.
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Introduction to GE Digital CIMPLICITY Configuration Software

Optimize operator efficiency with high-performance HMI while reducing risk with proven visualization and SCADA. Precisely monitor and control operations with high-performance CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA. As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY provides true client-server visualization and control—from a single machine to factory locations around the world—to help you manage operations and improve decision making. Based on GE's decades of research and development, CIMPLICITY is the HMI and SCADA of choice for the world's largest organizations. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help provide faster response, reduce costs and increase profitability. Our latest release enables high-performance HMIs to speed up operator operations, provide secure design connectivity and certification management, and enhance modeling for repeatability and time savings.

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  • Siemens LOGO! 8 basic module

    Siemens LOGO! 8 basic module

    • 8 basic units for all voltages, four of them with a new display
    • All units come with an Ethernet interface, footprint like LOGO! 6 (4TE); and connections are compatible with previous versions
    • Several versions for different supply power DC 12V/24V RCE, AC/DC 24V RCE, DC 24V CE, AC/DC 115/240V RCE
    • 400 blocks program memory
    • Integrated web server in all basic units
    • Connectivity for remote LOGO! 8 text display via Ethernet for all LOGO! 8 basic modules
    • Extented temperature range -20 to 55°C, without condensation

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  • Siemens S7-1500 Compact CPU

    Siemens S7-1500 Compact CPU

    CPU Type CPU 1511C-1 PN CPU 1512C-1 PN
    Use Case Small to medium applications Medium size applications
    PN IO IRT(2 Port) 2 Port 2 Port
    Program/Data memory 175KB/1MB 175KB/1MB
    Bit-Performance 60 ns 48 ns
    Max.number of connections 96 128
    Number of motion control resources 800 800
    Width 85 mm 110 mm
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